Top Recycling 20 years of commitment to better management of plastic waste

Top Recycling: 20 years of commitment for better plastic waste management

For two decades, Top Recycling, a subsidiary of the Top Clean Packaging Group, has emerged as a major player in the management of plastic waste from the industry.

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Recycling plastic waste since 2004

In 2004, to address the growing challenges posed by the management and valorization of its plastic waste, the Group integrated recycling into its activities by acquiring a shredder and creating a dedicated subsidiary: Top Recycling.
Initially created and led by Brigitte Berry, the wife of François Berry, former president of the Top Clean Packaging Group, who handed over the reins to Cécile Lacouture in 2021, this entity processes post-production materials from the Group as well as those from other companies for resale in France and Europe.

Cécile Lacouture & Brigitte Berry
Cécile Lacouture & Brigitte Berry

Today, Top Recycling is still recognized for the quality of materials derived from the medical and pharmaceutical needs, making this subsidiary a standout figure in the market.

A commitment to the environment

Over the years, Top Recycling has established itself as a trusted partner for many industries eager to implement sustainable practices. By offering waste valorization services, the company has contributed to preserving natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Every year at Top Recycling, more than 1,500 tons of plastic waste are revalued, and 30% of recycled materials are reintegrated into the distribution network of our plastic materials suppliers.

In 2023, the Top Clean Packaging Group recovered 100% of its plastic waste, and this activity has earned us the renewal of the Label More.

A vision for the future

Today, as environmental challenges have never been more pressing, our subsidiary Top Recycling remains firmly focused on the future. Aware of the importance of taking action, the company is progressively investing in new machinery and seeking to strengthen its partnerships with an unchanged objective: promoting a circular economy where waste is considered valuable resources to be valorized rather than a burden to be disposed of.

As it celebrates its 20th anniversary, Top Recycling can rightfully congratulate itself on its journey towards a circular economy.

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