LSR Injection, Liquid Silicone Rubber

LSR Injection

Top Clean Packaging has a strong expertise in the design, development, and manufacture of silicone parts for the medical, pharmaceutical, childcare, food, and electronics industries.

Equipped with machines from 80T to 140T with 6-axis robots, we can produce components using all grades and types of liquid silicone, as well as TP/LSR bi-material parts and overmolding on metal and glass. 

Silicone injection specialist

In our 1,500m² production area dedicated to LSR injection, our solutions for injection molding and bi-injection are adapted to produce small to large series of parts.

  • Press park from 80T to 140T (most of the means are doubled allowing an advanced flexibility)
  • 6-axis robot
  • Parts weight from 0.5 grams to 350 grams
  • Thickness from 0.25 mm
  • Fast and functional prototyping
  • Regular investments ensuring our capacity for new projects
  • Injected materials: standard grade, medical, self-adhesive, high tensile strength, self-lubricating, TP required for bi-material parts (PA, PC, PBT).
  • 500m² of ISO7 clean rooms
  • Workshop metrology with video machines
  • Perfect control of validation processes (R&R, DOE, IQ/OQ/PQ).

For nearly 20 years in the design and manufacture of injection molds, we produce in our facilities tools for silicone injection (LSR) with the following specificities:

  • Mold with cold runner (BCR) with electronic control
  • Injection molding with shutter
  • Overmolding
  • Bi-injection and co-injection LSR / LSR with two densities
  • Rotary and transfer mold

Silicone parts
Silicone parts
Implantable Gastric Rings
Implantable Gastric Rings

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